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Shark Repellent Articles

How to survive an encounter with the most abundant & aggressive shark family

The Requiem shark family consists of over 54 species and contains some of the most abundant sharks in the ocean. More importantly, Requiem sharks are known to be aggressive hunters and can be found even in freshwater. The bull shark has been found up the Mississippi River as far north as Illinois and even 2,500 miles up the Amazon.  The Bull shark exemplifies the aggressive hunting nature of Requiem sharks through a broad diet and has been reported to feed even on Hippos in Mozambique. Interestingly, Bull sharks have a particular method of hunting that may give advanced warning before...

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Shark Conservation Efforts

The passion for saving sharks and other marine life have been the driving motivational force for our scientist partners in their 10+ years of research and development in finding envrionmentally safe shark repellent technologies.  In particular, our partner scientists have used the semiochemicals present in our products in a government grant to reduce shark by-catch by 71% during field trials. Based on the sucess of this study, which was reported to Congress last year, scientists have estimated that if our semiochemicals are applied globally then 4,258,080 – 8,279,600 sharks a year will be saved. The actual report can be found at However, this is just one of many...

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Overview of the scientific publication representing 5 years of testing

The full Ocean and Costal Management publication can be found here Study Overview Product chemicals produced from putrefied shark tissue was evaluated over a five-year period in South Bimini, Bahamas. Competitively-feeding populations of Caribbean reef sharks and blacknose sharks were exposed to the chemicals using pressurized aerosol canisters at the surface. The number of sharks in the testing area were counted at the initial, 1 min and 5 min intervals after preliminary exposure along with continuous exposure of feeding stimulus. Study Breakdown Thirteen field tests conducted between 2005 and 2010 For all field tests, 100% of the sharks rapidly accelerated away from...

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Why SharkTec shark repellent spray targets the most powerful sense of sharks

Shark Repellent Spray Overview of how sharks hunt A shark’s sense of smell is the most important and powerful sense used in hunting. Sharks can detect blood and chemical odors from many miles away.  Their ability to use sense to navigate towards these locations are more accurate than our GPS systems. Scientists note that sharks actually spend most of their time in deep-ocean instead of on the surface, which is primarily used to hunt. On the surface, sharks use their powerful sense of smell to locate and navigate towards potential prey miles away.  Behavior of sharks exhibited near potential prey Sharks are...

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See shark repellent spray in action during Sharkweek on the Discovery Channel

Shark Repellent Spray Coverage See our shark repellent spray on the Discovery Channel during shark week on the link below. Visit our product page on  Shark repellent devices  to see the repellent used in this and in other videos including our shark repellent device being used by Mike Rowe, host of the Dirty Jobs show.  Shark Repellent link Shark repellent spray video

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