How to survive an encounter with the most abundant & aggressive shark family

How to survive an encounter with the most abundant & aggressive shark family

Apr 25, 2016 Post by Chris Dowd0 comments

The Requiem shark family consists of over 54 species and contains some of the most abundant sharks in the ocean. More importantly, Requiem sharks are known to be aggressive hunters and can be found even in freshwater. The bull shark has been found up the Mississippi River as far north as Illinois and even 2,500 miles up the Amazon.  The Bull shark exemplifies the aggressive hunting nature of Requiem sharks through a broad diet and has been reported to feed even on Hippos in Mozambique.

Interestingly, Bull sharks have a particular method of hunting that may give advanced warning before delivering a fatal bite. Bull sharks typically will bump a potential prey with their snout as a way of investigating the prey before biting. Similarly, other sharks are known to display curiosity while investigating unknown objects to determine if it is prey.  In fact, most shark attacks are actually “test bites” from a shark trying to get a better sense of what the object is.

Fortunately for humans, SharkTec has been rigorously tested and verified to work on numerous Requiem sharks including:

  • Bull shark
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Caribbean Reef Sharks
  • Blacktip sharks
  • Lemon Sharks
  • Blue Sharks

If you encounter a shark in the water and haven’t dispersed our shark repellent immediately already, then be sure to pay attention to the predictive behavior of sharks so you can deploy the shark repellent if threatened. With proper education and awareness, there is no need to let the fear of shark attacks disrupt your life.



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