Science and R&D Timeline

Sharks are highly intelligent marine animals that have developed evolutionary
defense and flight mechanism in order to protect them from predators


Reports date back as far as the 1700s of fishermen hanging dead sharks off their boats to ward off living sharks, a practice that is still done today


During WWII the American Navy vessel OSS, started developing a shark repellent to protect crew men, famous chef, Julia Childs, was enrolled to help develop but ultimately nothing progressed and the program ended


Adam West’s 1966 ‘Batman’ hits the theaters, in which the movie involves Batman using his Shark Repellent. From there, Shark repellent is characterized as a comic book gimmick


Eric Stroud identifies semiochemicals from decaying shark carcass yielded repellent results, SharkDefense Technologies and born, with Dr. Pat Rice, Marine Biologist at FL Keys College joining the team


SharkDefense develops time-released shark repellent formula that reduces shark bycatch up to 78% during a 4 hour period in FL longline fleets, however 0% after 8 hour period. Further development is placed on hold


SharkTec LLC approaches SharkDefense and partners on semiochemical repellents as it relates to human safety, launching with the quick release spray can, selling to divers and navies/municipalities


SharkTec LLC partners with FoodSource Technologies in redeveloping a time release product for fishing, pushing time release beyond 8 hours. Field testing begins with local charter fishermen within southern Florida


SharkTec LLC develops it first commercially viable shark repellent time release product, specifically catered towards charter and recreational fishermen