04 October

SharkTec shark repellent on National Geographic

Shark Repellent Spray Article Read other media articles and the National Geographic article on New Shark Repellent uses chemical signals. After years of searching for an effective shark repellent, researchers believe they may have finally found a chemical "signal" that will keep the marine predators at bay. Read more about our partner Sharkdefense's research on various by looking at our research page
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10 August

SharkTec shark repellent device guidelines and mission statement

SharkTec strides itself on three core principles: 1. To provide shark repellent products that are environmentally friendly first and foremost. 2. To save the lives of humans, sharks, and other marine life. 3. To provide the public with the most accurate, factual evidence from renowned sources such as the government and the scientific peer review community about shark repellent technology.  SharkTec is peace of mind! Read more about Sharktec and our company agenda with shark repellent devices
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