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About SharkTec


SharkTec LLC is a New York based company that is focused on providing products that not only save the lives of humans and sharks but are completely environmentally friendly to all marine life and ecosystems. We have partnered up with scientists Dr. Eric Stroud and Dr. Patrick Rice (from SharkDefense) and they bring over 15 years of research and testing to help us provide the best products for the issues at hand. Like many of our customers, we are surfers, scuba divers, boaters, and all simply love the ocean ecosystem. Our company aims to preserve this ecosystem and the creatures in it. 
Our product, the Anti Shark 100 is a natural, environmentally safe, and effective shark repellent that is backed by years of documented industry leading research.
Our company strides itself on three core principles:
1. To provide products that are environmentally friendly first and foremost.
2. To save the lives of humans, sharks, and other marine life.
3. To provide the public with the most accurate, factual evidence from renowned sources such as the government and the scientific peer review community. 

SharkTec is Peace of Mind.