Shark Conservation Efforts

Shark Conservation Efforts

Feb 27, 2016 Post by Chris Dowd0 comments

The passion for saving sharks and other marine life have been the driving motivational force for our scientist partners in their 10+ years of research and development in finding envrionmentally safe shark repellent technologies. 

In particular, our partner scientists have used the semiochemicals present in our products in a government grant to reduce shark by-catch by 71% during field trials. Based on the sucess of this study, which was reported to Congress last year, scientists have estimated that if our semiochemicals are applied globally then 4,258,080 – 8,279,600 sharks a year will be saved. The actual report can be found at

However, this is just one of many government grants and field studies that our partners have gone through over the years. Their track record is commendable and SharkTec hopes to help make estimates such as the above number, a reality in stopping the unnecessary killing of millions of sharks a year.


SharkTec Shark Conservation Potential

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