Why SharkTec shark repellent spray targets the most powerful sense of sharks

Why SharkTec shark repellent spray targets the most powerful sense of sharks

May 15, 2015 Post by Christopher Dowd0 comments

Shark Repellent Spray

Overview of how sharks hunt

  • A shark’s sense of smell is the most important and powerful sense used in hunting.
    • Sharks can detect blood and chemical odors from many miles away. 
    • Their ability to use sense to navigate towards these locations are more accurate than our GPS systems.
  • Scientists note that sharks actually spend most of their time in deep-ocean instead of on the surface, which is primarily used to hunt.
    • On the surface, sharks use their powerful sense of smell to locate and navigate towards potential prey miles away. 

Behavior of sharks exhibited near potential prey

  • Sharks are typically curious in examining potential prey as taste is another important hunting sensory of sharks. 
    • Sharks will often bump into potential prey repeatedly while circling around or near them. 
    • In fact, sharks don't seek out humans as sources of food and many shark attacks occur from exploratory bites from sharks who typically don't digest their initial bite after realizing it is not the right prey. 

**As such, if you are in the water and see these signs of a shark’s curiosity, the safest measure is to undertake preventive measures.

This is where SharkTec’s shark repellent spray can literally safe your life.

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How SharkTec's shark repellent spray manipulates the most powerful shark hunting advantage
  • SharkTec uses a Semiochemical derived from decomposed shark tissue to trigger a FLIGHT reaction in sharks once released into the water.
    • Not only are nearby sharks dispersed immediately but sharks can smell this chemical from miles away when the repellent is sprayed. 
  • SharkTec uses a sharks most powerful hunting weapon against them as sharks will be able to use their navigational sense of smell to pinpoint the area they want to stay away from. 

Ultimately, the most common type of shark attacks that occur on humans (out of curiosity, mistaken identity for prey) can be mitigated through SharkTec’s shark repellent spray technology.

See some of our videos showing shark repellent devices working


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