• 1. What is this product?
    The time-release shark repellent is a combination of naturally occurring shark necromones enzymes and food based binding matrix
  • 2. How is the product made?
    Our scientific team have been able to identify and extract shark necromones from a decay shark tissue, which is then combined with the organic binding compound
  • 3. How does it work?
    The enzymes are released into the water and when smelled or tasted by the shark, will initiate evolutionary flight mechanism that signals warning of dead sharks. The shark will be inclined to leave the immediate area
  • 4. Top 3 Variables While Using Product
    a. Make sure the repellent is in the same water column (water current) as the sharks. We recommend anchored and putting the product at the bottom to increase effectiveness. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR WHILE USING PRODUCT
    b. Recommend using the product proactively vs. retroactively. WHY IS THAT? Once the sharks are already enticed by the boat or fish on the line, they are less inclined to use their sense of smell. We advise fishermen to give enough time for the product to dissolve so the nearby sharks are using their sense of smell vs. eyesight and Lorenzini (vibrations).
    c. Too much chumming may over power the repellent. The shark repellent itself attracts fish, and we advise fishermen to chum less while using the shark repellent.
  • 5. How long does it last?
    The product usage range is 1+ Hours (depending on heat and current), and we recommend fishermen to let it dissolve for 10-15 minutes before applying other fishing gear/equipment/chum etc.
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Please note that this product is not intended to completely eliminate shark interactions. Sharks are wild, conscious, independent animals that make variable decisions based off feeding and self-defense urges.