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Watch the product being used on Shark Week
Original footage from the partners of SharkTec testing in the Bahamas.
Watch Mythbusters test our semiochemicals as a shark repellent
See Mike Rowe meet with our scientific partner, Dr. Eric Stroud
Watch BBC footage covering the effectiveness of our shark repellent technology

Scientific Research 

  • Government Agency NOAA endorses shark repellent in a report to Congress.

    A government biologist working at NOAA has stated that our scientist partners deserve credit for developing a chemical shark repellent that works.


    Reported by: Washington Post

    Reported by: Key News


  • Our scientists used the semiochemicals in our product to reduce shark by-catch by 71% in a government grant initiative.

    Scientists estimated that if our semiochemicals are applied globally then 4,258,080 – 8,279,600 sharks a year will be saved.

    The world wide environmental impact potential is highlighted in this Infograph

    An Agency under the U.S. Department of Commerce released these findings in a report to Congress: NOAA Report

  • A 5 year study concluded consistent, effective shark repellent results.

    A 5 year field trial on SharkTec’s technology proved to repel 2 species of sharks 100% of the time within 1 minute of local dispersion of our product.

    The findings were published in the scientific journal Ocean & Coastal Management.

    Published findings can be located at: Ocean & Coastal Management

  • Verified field testing on numerous shark species

    15 species have proven to be effectively repelled by the semiochemicals in SharkTec’s product.

    Additional testing on more shark species is in progress

    Reported by: The Washington Post

    Reported by: National Geographic

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