How to Use

Step 1:

SharkTec block can be cut to desired sizes to fit inside Chum Cages.

Step 2:

Place SharkTec block(s) within Chum/Dunk Bag.

  • Attach chum cage to main fishing line near the weight so that SharkTec Repellent is up current of bait or lure.
  • Attach chum cage to separate line and sink to bottom up current of fishing site.

Step 3:

  • Let Chum/Dunk bag sink to bottom of fishing area and/or hang bag over side of boat to treat area.
  • Upon deployment of SharkTec, allow time for material to hydrate and dissolve for the treated area can expand.

Note: Please consider your unique fishing conditions when determining the appropriate amount of material to use. Warmer weather will induce a quicker dissolving rate. Stronger currents will reduce the duration of the treated area and may require additional blocks to maintain effectiveness.