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Shark Repellent Spray

Instant release shark repellent Spray

$ 39.99

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Anti-Shark 100 Product Overview

The Anti Shark 100 was created to give you peace of mind in the water. When utilized, our product is extremely effective in repelling over 15 species of sharks, which have been verified by years of scientifically published trials & studies. Our product does not repel other fish/dolphins and most importantly, is harmless to sharks.

Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, spearfishing, kayaking, boating Usage: Product Guide
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Product Highlights

Read below for highlights of our instant release shark repellent spray. You can find full product information in our product guide.
Triggers Flight Reaction

Once the semiochemicals are released into the water, a FLIGHT reaction is triggered in sharks, causing them to flee the area immediately. See for yourself: product testing video

Environmentally Friendly

Our product does not harm sharks, is composed of 100% biodegradable materials, and has no impact on other marine life such as fish and dolphins

No Sharks for 30-45 minutes

Within seconds of deployment in the water, a 30-45 minute 1/4 Mile Safe zone is created.

Quarter Mile Safe Zone

After deployment, sharks will not come within at least a quarter mile, Our product has been scientifically proven effective on over 15 species of sharks.

Scientific Backing

  • A 5 year field trial on SharkTec’s technology proved to repel 2 species of sharks 100% of the time within 1 minute of local dispersion of our product.
  • The findings were published in the scientific journal Ocean & Coastal Management.
  • Published findings can be located here
  • A government biologist working at NOAA has stated that our scientist partners deserve credit for developing a chemical shark repellent that works.
  • The American Lifeguard Association has endorsed our repellent and the director of health and safety for the association is a strong advocate as well.
  • Reported by Washington Post
  • Reported by Key News
  • 15 species have proven to be effectively repelled by the semiochemicals in SharkTec’s product.
  • Reported by Here
  • Reported by National Geographic
  • Scientists estimated that if our semiochemicals are applied globally then 4,258,080 – 8,279,600 sharks a year will be saved.
  • An Agency under the U.S. Department of Commerce released these findings in a report to Congress: NOAA Report