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Scientist Bios

SharkDefense Technologies LLC is the leading researcher of chemical, electrochemical, and magnetic shark repellents. Its primary mission is to research and develop shark bycatch reduction devices. Its secondary mission is to research and develop shark repellents for rescue operations, aquaculture, and alternatives to shark netting.

Partner Scientists

Dr. Eric M. Stroud (Senior Chemist):

Dr. Stroud is one of the world leaders in exploring shark repellent technologies. Dr. Stroud earned his Ph.D in organic chemistry from Seton Hall University with honors (perfect 4.0 GPA). Dr. Stroud has received numerous grants and awards from government agencies and non-profit organizations including the Save our Seas Foundation and  National Science Foundation.

Dr. Patrick Rice (Senior Marine Biologist):

Dr. Rice is the Director of Marine Sciences at the Florida Keys Community College. DR. Rice has held the role of Chair to the Science/Technology Taskforce for the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition (2010) as well as serving as an Advisory Board Member for the Wyland Foundation. As well as holding the distinction of NAUI Master Diver and belonging to the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.